Roma, Mexico City

A super-hipster part of town, Roma is considered to be one of the safest areas of Mexico’s capital. There are fruit stands, cozy cafés, vegan juice bars and high end shops. Prices here compare to NYC or London ($66usd for spaghetti, anyone?), so it’s quite the neighborhood haha.

On this day that I explored Roma, I wasn’t actually supposed to be there. I had gone to Puebla for a day trip the day before, which was awesome. I had 7 travel days behind me and another 9 days in front of me of 14 hour, nonstop, exhausting, 16-18k-step days, and I was like…Nope. Not going anywhere today. Haha

So I stayed at my little AirBNB in Roma, and cuddled with the adorable doggie, Jorge, until the planned earthquake drill where we all went outside for 3 minutes.

Dogs sniffed at each other and older ladies tripped over un-cornered-off construction areas, and the residents agreed that this was, indeed, the planned earthquake drill, and then everyone disbursed. It was a little Jorge’s first time outside, so his doggie Dad took him for a begrudging walk. 🤣

I was already out, so off I went to explore. I walked into the center of Roma, where I found wonderful cafes and hippie shops and magical street art.

I saw beautifully bright-colored houses, skinny terraces decorated with crawling vines and large, restless trees floated back and forth with the wind. It was a beautiful place.

I was delighted by all of the bright street art and geometric fences, red green and blue.

There was also a modern art structure that seemed to be part of a restaurant made out of a giant tower of empty water jugs, I really wondered what this was for.

I passed by a sweet little woman in her 60s with soft curls and a crinkly forehead, holding onto a tiny poodle in her lap, bundled up tight in a blanket.

There were vines on all of the windows and houses, flourishing flower pots and buildings that were visibly sinking.

Mexico is literally sinking due to the fact that it was built on the lake, so every few years the houses and the big buildings have to build another step or two because the entranceways slowly slip down into the ground, past the bottom step.

I decided to get a haircut. The first few places I went into didn’t have any appointments or didn’t speak English, but eventually I found a nice little place that agreed to color my hair.

There was some confusion with the language barrier, but I spent three hours there and my hair turned out great. Thank you, wonderful ladies!

Great day in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood! 🙂

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