Dieppe, France: Accidental Favorite

All You need to know about Dieppe


In this article, we’ll discuss our experience in Dieppe, and why it’s the perfect spot for your next French getaway.


Surprise Visit

My partner and I ended up in Dieppe by accident. On our way from Marseille to England, with two cats in tow, we found ourselves stuck in the port city of Dieppe for the evening. Little did we know how beautiful it was, or how much we would like it!

Six months later, on our way to move to Amsterdam, we stopped by for 9 days. We loved every minute of it.

The port was enchanting, and the pastries were delicious. We found amazing restaurants (somewhat affordable, too!) and even a castle overlooking the city and the channel.

Things to do: Cathedrals, Markets…and Cheese!

The cathedral is incredibly old and weathered, but still sturdy and has fairytale-like reflections from the stained glass windows inside. There is a market on Saturdays where vendors sell everything from fruit to cheese to clothes. Neufchâtel, the famous cheese of the region (from the nearby town of Neufchâtel) was sold everywhere and sooooo good. Kind of like Brie mixed with white cheese with a very strong (but tasty?) smell. It’s an acquired taste, but when in Rome… haha

Getting Around

Dieppe is 2.5hrs from Paris by train (~26eu round trip), and a wonderful escape from the busy capital. Most people don’t speak English, but everyone is smiling, and – again – the pastries are legit amazing. The taxis try to overcharge the tourists, so make sure to secure a price in advance, or see that they haven’t started the meter before arriving, but most places are within walking distance. We saw little dogs and giggling babies. Our tired cats fully enjoyed stalking the little pigeons hopping around the rooftops.

Daily Life

Men gathered by the pier and drank cafes and smoked cigarettes, but I never felt uncomfortable walking by myself, even later in the evening. The town was so small that everyone knows everyone, and the residents watch out for each other. Although there’s nothing to be wary of. It was one of the most relaxed cities I’d been to in France.


The locals are accustomed to tourists, as this is where the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry drops off people going to and from England. During the off season, however, it’s rare to see too many picture-takers.

There were adorable boutiques, lovely cafes and small shops selling candies and clothes and souvenirs.

Day Trips

Dieppe is a relaxed, beautiful, coastal city, and very easy to maneuver. I took two day trips from there: Rouen and Amiens. I wish I had taken more, though, as the train station/buses are easy to use.

Make sure to take advantage of all the great views, scrumptious sweets and day trip opportunities that Dieppe offers.

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