Colonia, Uruguay 🇺🇾 2020

Colonia, Uruguay 🇺🇾 February 2020

I went to the tiny UNESCO Heritage Site of Colonia de Sacramento on the ferry from Buenos Aires – it was awesome! Like going back in time! ❤️❤️❤️ 🇺🇾 It was such a tiny town, but it really reminded me of Lisbon!

When I arrived, the first thing I saw – other than the beautiful houses with green vines and decorative windowsills – was the big city drawbridge and stone gate. I doubt it would keep too many people out these days, but way back when, this thing must have been STURDY. As soon as I passed over it, a guy dressed like a monk was playing the recorder in the shade. I hopped over to the tourism office, joined a walking tour and told the women that I’d pay her after bc I didn’t have any cash (not a lie). Unfortunately it was SOOOOO bad – she was downright mean to all the kids that were in the group – that I (and many others) left after maybe 10 minutes. I went into this nice souvenir shop instead and had a better time chatting with the owner about the town and where to eat/what to do/what’s special about it than with the sour tour guide. (She YELLED at a child for talking in front of the whole group…ummmm he’s four?!)

The town was beautiful though. All these cobblestone streets and dramatic trees! No wonder Instagram loves this place 🤣 Mate is also very popular in Uruguay, so the colorful little cups with matching straws were everywhere.

I went to the restaurant that the shop owner recommended, and it was delicious! It had all kinds of foods, and I settled on the cheesy bread with tomatoes and olives. Also, I had bought a mug, like I always do in a new country, but I wasn’t entirely sold on the one that I bought. I’m so glad that I had it, though – This cute little dog came up to me and looked so thirsty. I was happy that I could finally take out a mug, pour the rest of my water in it, watch him drink a bunch, and then fall asleep on my feet. For 40 minutes. It was the happiest moment of my life. (Not to be dramatic, but I would die for him. 🤣) When he got up, another dog came over, drank the rest of the water, sniffed each other a little and scampered away together. Be still my heart. 😍

I also found a butterfly 🦋 that didn’t have enough energy to get to a flower, so I picked it up and brought it to a flower the next street over.

The famous street has all the cracked cobblestones and grass growing from in between the rocks. Although not the easiest to walk on, it was sure photogenic. Colorful flowers and vines wound their way up door frames and windowsills, creating these beautiful borders on all the houses. There were ruins in the middle town, giving it a Grecian feel, and then the most spectacular maroon-red brick house that was just stunning. It felt rustic but also really old. It was on all the postcards.

I went into a grocery store for something to drink, and looked around – I had just enough cash for a snack and some milk (I love milk haha), and then browsed a bit to see what else might be available. I found lots of dog treats (they love dogs here…maybe bc they have to haha they are EVERYWHERE), some dusty fruit, and a rolling pin with a label that said, “Movable Stick.” LOL

The ferry back to Buenos Aires was efficient and not too long. While waiting to board, this older woman plopped down next to me at my table. There were other tables, but I guess she wanted to sit with me 🤣 She looked exhausted. I finally got up and let her have the whole table, she seemed to need it more than I did. 🤣

Not the most eventful of places, but totally worth the trip. Very calm and relaxing, lots of quirky shops and nice shop owners. I really liked the wooden cups that looked like mugs but were only half of one, if that makes sense? They looked so beautiful! Quaint cobblestones and it was easy getting back and forth. As always, I wish I had more time 🤣

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